SCUMRP is a role playing community for the survival game SCUM.

Tired of public servers being full of cheaters and players killing on sight?

Start role playing on our private servers!


Stop playing solo on public servers, become a part of something bigger in SCUM. Join a group of players and strive toward a common goal.


Experience the survival aspects of the game and fight for your life in SCUM. Become the best or die like the rest!


We have simple, but effective set of rules that ensure a quality role play environment without restricting game play.


We focus on role play, fair play and common courtesy. We do not tolerate toxicity, drama or bullying.

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    Welcome to SCUMRP

    Hello! We are a group of individuals with history of past role play projects for other survival games who wanted to create the same unique role playing environment for the early access game SCUM... Read more